“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door.” 
This 10 item Home Blessing Kit includes:
Floor Wash (8oz) to cleanse floors and surfaces of negative energy in the home. 
Salt Sweep (8oz) removes negative energy residue after rituals and cleansing . 
Florida Water (8oz) cleanses spaces , rooms , altars and spiritual items. Can be given as ancestral offering. 
Protection Oil (8oz) used to anoint and protect personal items and self . 
Sage Cleansing Spray (4oz) clears spaces of negative energy . 
Mini Cinnamon Broom used for sweeping out negative and attracting abundance.
Mini Selenite Wand to create a safe and peaceful space. 
Raw Black Tourmaline to protect the home from malicious , destructive energies. 
Raw Shungite to protect home from EMF and  harmful radiation . 
Money House Incense used to attract abundance and wealth into the home .

Home Blessing Kit


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