The Shungite & Green Tea Foaming Face Wash is based with Shungite water and freshly brewed all natural green tea. Shungite water absorbs harmful substances to help reduce skin inflammation and acne . Shungite provides detoxification, and accelerates the metabolism. 
The healing powers of Shungite: 
Balances Root Chakra to leave you feeling grounded and protected. 
Boosts overall energy level . 
Soothes insomnia.
Relieves stress & anxiety . 
Corrects imbalances in your energy body . 
Powerful protector & transformer of EMF’s. 
Detoxifies & purifies the mind body and spirit.
Facial Wash comes in  foaming pump bottle. 
Pump face wash directly into hand and apply to face in circular motion . Rinse thoroughly.

Shungite & Green Tea Foaming Face Wash